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Acme Furniture have been in the furniture business since over quarter of a century, with the base in Los Angeles, California and the company is now spread over the US with branches in San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas, New Jersey, Miami and New York. Acme furniture boasts of its warehouse in Los Angeles where it can stock over ten million dollars worth of product from where they can ship any order with quickest turnaround time. The warehouse covers an area of nearly 400,000 sq. ft. This firm's shipping costs are quite competitive and the packing they undertake cannot be fault with.

Acme furniture has been working with many furniture companies world over and has maintained healthy relations with them. As the company has the purchasing power it can get very competitive prices from the same factories in this industry situated in Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Vietnam and of course China. It has the quality service that this firm offers, and a high standard material used in the furniture that has given the firm the bargaining power. This has made it possible for Acme Furniture's prices to be very competitive.
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Acme's name and brand is well known for its quality as in which ever country the company does business, they employ their own quality control personnel to minutely check the quality of each and every item that the firm deals in. The company considers it a disgrace for us if any flaw is detected in any of the products that are manufactured. Over the past 2 decades, the firm has advanced to that extend that it maintains high quality showrooms in Mississippi, San Francisco, North Carolina, California, Tupelo and High Point. Acme Furniture has not left out Nevada and Las Vegas, the casino city. The firm has a very special regard for the customers.