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Alphaville Design

David Lee, in 2000 founded Alphaville Design. Today Alphaville Design are distributors and trusted suppliers of modern furniture, which is acclaimed the world over. Alphaville Design's clients include top notch hospitality groups, leading retailers and huge contract firms. Alphaville Design is not only a trade mark but a symbol of quality, trust and respect. Since the time of inception, Alphaville Design has grown by keeping abreast with competitors, bringing new designs and sophistication in their products which have met consumer requirements every time. Our team of engineers, architects and international designers create exclusive Alphaville furnishing options for the modern home, rife with comfort, functionality and style.

Alphaville Design major clients are retailers from North America, to whom they provide overseas furniture sourcing services. Alphaville Design sourcing services are provided for pure service operations which deal with quality control, financial services, logistics and providing of supply chain functions. Alphaville Design's range of modern classic furniture is influenced by antiquity architectural designs. Their collections have inspired not only interiors of households but work areas and also common areas in a luxurious manner. They not only offer you lighting and modern furniture, but also a contemporary furniture lineup.
Alphavelle Designs manufactures modern and contemporary furniture, and classic furniture. Their products are of prime quality and come in an affordable range. Alphavelle Designs also have a wide range of reproductions of classic furniture which are the finest on the market. At Alphavelle Direct you can shop for a range that includes dining chairs, sofas and loveseats dining, coffee tables and side tables, office chairs and lounge chairs, pendent lights and chandeliers, buffets, floor lamps, bars and counter stools.

Buying Alphavelle Designs furniture enables you to make a wise investment for future generations while beautifying the home today. Take a well informed decision with every purchase at Alphavelle Direct while adding new dimensions to your lifestyle.