Area Rugs Buying Guide

Area Rugs Buying Guide

Measure up your area for the rug!

Shopping for rugs and carpets is an engrossing task for people who marvel at the luster of silken threads tightly interwoven to create a masterpiece of poetry immortalized in yarn.

All the home makers who enjoy picking up each item of their house carefully would love stacking up the backside of their car with pretty rugs in myriad hues expressing diverse emotions and symbolizing a plethora of situations and sceneries. Before you pull down that intricate geometry pattern and speculate over its position in living room; have a thorough look at its size.

The best method is to trot around the house with a measuring tape, spot the potential to-be-rugged areas and note down the dimensions. This will help you when you walk into a rug shop in dishing out the aptly sized rugs for your purpose fast.

Shape up your choice!

Depending on the available space shape and size one may decide the shape of the rug to buy. Rectangular shapes are standard ones that suit all areas by default. But you can not overlook the finesse and coziness exuded by an oval shaped rug.

Circular and oval shaped rugs are perfect for that small area in front of the fireplace or near the kids' beds where they can play on with their toys or flop down with a colorful book. If you intend to rug the floor beneath a table then remember the adage like attracts like!

A square table looks apt with a square rug spread beneath it as does an oval table with an oval rug underneath it. The market dimensions for oval or circular rugs are expressed in diameters while square and rectangular rugs are measured by their length and breadth.

Styles galore!

There are many types of specifically designed rugs up for sale in the shops. A runner rug is a kind of rug designed specially for stairways or main entrance passageways, etc. It has a narrow body but happens to be a long piece. Then you have accent rugs which come in sizes smaller than a standard one and are used to create comfort niches and special corners. Accent rugs are ideal for kids' play room and near the bookshelf, etc.

Remember your own lifestyle!

Buying an exotic rug for your apartment when you are forever cooped up in your office work would be akin to burdening oneself with an unnecessary sack full of worries. An extremely beautiful rug would require undivided attention and utmost care for its maintenance.

If you are someone who wakes up at 8 O' clock in the morning and has to rush off at lightning speed to make it into the office in time; then do not go for high maintenance rugs unless you are blessed with a hard working butler or maid at home.
Budget - the tightrope walk!

The ultimate decision driver is without a doubt your budget. How you plan your monthly expenditure and tweak it enough to fit in a Persian rug or couple of light rugs is totally your call.

Rugs are not just to accentuate the beauty of any space, they even contribute in a lot other practical functionalities like muting excess noise, imparting a soft touch to hard floors, providing an alcove for personal indulgence and giving a homely look! Get your rugs and cover up the bare floors in an instant.