Bar Furniture Buying Guide

Bar Furniture Buying Guide

For connoisseurs who love tasting a plethora of wines and binging on diverse tastes as well as pleasing their guests; investing into top quality dining & bar furniture is a worthy expenditure that would serve their needs, demands and expectations from their dining space well. A kitchen that has space constraints could have a bar  or counter for serving piping hot food and make dining a cozy experience for one and all.

If you are structuring your existing dining space to incorporate a bar for serving drinks - cocktails & mocktails to the visitors then too you would be provoked to mull over the apt bar furniture to buy. Read on to remember a few dos and don'ts in your endeavor.

To start with push in the bar stools!

A bar is inconceivable sans bar stools. A bar stool has an innate party feel to itself and is surrounded by a casual aura. It directly impacts the atmosphere, comfort factor and attraction quotient of the region where it is placed. A major judgment factor considered while buying bar stools is their height. Generally the bar stools should be around 30 inches high.

For a comfortable bar stool one needs to go for one with a proper back that supports the lower back. Long hours of sitting require adequate and firm lower back rest so that one's posture is maintained. Opting for leather or properly padded seats is conducive to comfort. Contemplating over the number of bar stools to be placed is another important mini mission.

According to the expected guests influx and the fixed regular users of the bar area; the minimum number of stools should be decided. You even need to decide between rotating and fixed bar stools. Rotating bar stools are easy to mount and help in social conversation.

Next we need bar tables!!!

The distinguishing factor between a bar table and a dining table is in their height. Ideally a bar table is around 42 inches high. The seating capacity of a bar table is far lesser than a normal dining table. A bar table will be the center of social activity. It should complement the current theme of the area where it is to be placed. Its color and finish should even be in sync with the flooring or the carpet spread beneath it.

Bar cabinets - need it for sure!

With the seating arrangement taken care of, the next requirement in line is - a bar cabinet to store the crystal goblets, dainty wine glasses, delicate tumblers, exotic china ware and exquisite chalices. A wine rack to house the array of champagne bottles and urns of drinks of various kinds is a must if you are planning for a proper beverage corner that serves alcoholic and non- alcoholic teaser drinks both.

Plan out the theme you intend to incorporate in your bar; the furniture should be bought as per the chosen theme. Whether it is the vintage look that you wish to have or the ultra modern glam look; your furniture needs to reflect that clearly.

Account for your desires!

All the furniture in your wish list for your sweet home bar or classy commercial bar should be within the budget constraints. A bar is a luxury corner not a mandatory part. So plan out your needs and desires well before hop trotting to the nearest furniture shop and shipping back with the bar furniture!

Bar the furniture wisely!!!