Bedroom Furniture Guide

How to Select Bed Size

A bed forms the basic platform on which you lie down to fly into the world of dreams. A jerky flight with a bump here or a bang there every time you toss about in your sleep would spoil the luxurious getaway to fantasy land. It is very important to choose a right bed for uninterrupted escapes to one’s own kingdom of dreams. Many factors dictate the road map of the expedition to buy a perfect bed.

The market is flooded with various standard bed sizes like- Twin, Single, and Double, Full, Queen, King, California King, Western King and Eastern King. It gets mind boggling to outline the differences amongst them all and pick your baby.

Ask yourself some basic questions like-

1) Who is going to sleep on it?

2) How many people would sleep on it at the same time?

3) How big is the room?

4) What options are up for grabs in the market?

5) What is the budget?

6) Are its bed sheets and other accessories easily available?

7) How fat or tall is the person who would sleep?

8) If more than one person sleeps, what is their mutual equation like?

The answer to this question will take you a step closer to determining the right bed size. If you are buying it for your kids you need to juggle with options of-

Twin (39” X 75”) or single beds or modifications over them like trundle or bunk beds. A Twin bed is narrow and fits into the tiniest room easily. Their bed sheets are easily available however are small for a standard adult.

If you are planning a bed for your tall teenager or are setting up a bed in dorm or attic room, go for extra long twin (39” X 80”) beds. However, you shall face some hiccups in picking up suitable bedding for it.

Double/ full (54” X 75”) beds are too narrow for two people, yet as they fit into small spaces too; they can be used in guest rooms or smaller rooms. However, they will prove too short for normal adults.

Queen (60” X 80”) beds are apt for newly wed couples as even though they allow only 30” per person yet they cover less floor area and fit in perfectly into small master bedrooms and guest rooms.
King or Eastern King (76” X 80”) bed allows 38” space per person while California or Western King (72” X 84”), that is 36” area per person but more vertical space for taller people.

One may even opt to join two extra long twin beds for greater versatility and per person space; in case it is going to be shared by two individuals who are on the wrong side of the weight machine or prefer ample personal roll over space.

Here is a technique to determine the maximum bed size for a room. Measure two to three feet from every object or wall around where the bed will be. Use tape to mark the floor.  Doing this in every direction creates a rectangular shape in tape on the floor.  Next, use a measuring tape to measure the inside dimensions of the taped off shape.  Then compare it to a bed size chart to determine the largest size bed that can fit into the allotted space.

You may design a custom bed for your needs, but getting suitable bedding would be an arduous task. Once you have selected the bed sizes that fit into the bill of your requirement, pore into your wallet and filter out your final set of available options.

With all the pros and cons thoroughly scrutinized, buy your nap cradle at the earliest!!!