Bedroom Furniture Guide

Bedroom Chests FAQs & Tips

Worried about having to choose between an armoire that would offer more storage space and a flat top table which can keep your favorite flowers to brighten the bedroom? Flummoxed with the space constraints and upset over compromising in the decor of your dream bedroom? Just pick a Bedroom Chest and bid adieu to your worries. You can have the good of both worlds and witness the marriage of functional utility with classic beauty in your prized Bedroom Chest. Tangled up in doubts over this glamorous addition to your bedroom, read on to enlighten yourself!

What is a Bedroom Chest?
It is a chest of drawers generally up to chest height with a flat top. The drawers can store things like clothes, papers, files, etc. and the flat top can be used as a table to display photo frames, flowers, calendar, table clock, lamp shade etc.

How large is a Bedroom Chest?
It is available in various sizes. Some may be narrow and tall to fit in small places. Others may be short and wide for easy access and multi-utility as a table stand. The two basic sizes being: waist-high and shoulder-high. Basic form of bedroom chest is a trunk with a flat lid that can store things like blankets, etc. As the drawers get added, ironed clothes, towels, etc can be neatly arranged and kept.

What advantages do Bedroom Chests offer?
Extra storage space with an edge of style. It is the most versatile piece of furniture. It does efficient vertical space utilization in a restricted area. Lets you organize your cloth items like socks, handkerchiefs, ties, lingerie, jewelry, etc which easily get lost in large shelved armoires, closets, etc. It even offers easy access to all its contents without having to ransack too many stuff. Gives your bedroom or wherever you place it, an added style quotient. Acts as a side table/ desk and a storage unit both, multi utility! It can be kept inside a large walk-in closet. It can even act as TV or music system stand.

Do I need a Bedroom Chest?
That totally depends on you! It is advisable if you have less horizontal space and have heaps of clothing that spill out of existing wardrobe. Moreover, you can use it anywhere.

Can I afford a Bedroom Chest?
Why not, it is the cheapest amongst the lot of storage cabinets. An armoire or wardrobe might not fit in your budget, but a Bedroom Chest would definitely do.

What are the different types of Bedroom Chests?
The different types of Bedroom Chests include "lingerie chest" as the name implies it is used basically for keeping under garments. It is the smallest of the lot with narrow drawers. Next is "drawer chest" that is overall larger with deeper drawers. Ideal for storing bed covers, shirts, light blankets, linens, towels, etc.
How is a Bedroom Chest different from armoire?
The major difference is a Bedroom Chest has only drawers in it while an armoire has drawers as well as space similar to a cupboard with rods for fitting in hanging clothing like suits, blazers, dressers, etc.

Can a Bedroom Chest be kept only in the bedroom?
Of course not! It can be kept anywhere needed. One may keep it in the study room to stack up stationery, files, folders and selected books. It can even be kept in the hallway or a guest room with linens and towels stacked in for guests to use. A bedroom chest is a very flexible piece of furniture which can be used in any corner of the house or maybe even office. Ensure you get one perfectly tailored to suit your needs, color scheme, style and decor.