Bedroom Furniture Guide

Bedroom Dressers FAQ

Clothes spilling out of armoire, running across the room with the hair brush each time to eye your reflection and to spruce up yourself, rummaging through the wardrobe at a stretch for your mascara; do these events plague you everyday?

It seems you have enough reasons to rush to the nearest furniture shop and gift yourself a Bedroom Dresser!

What is a Bedroom Dresser?

A dresser is a furniture item with multiple drawers usually placed in bedroom as an additional storage unit for clothes or maybe smaller accessories.

How is a Bedroom Dresser different from a Bedroom Chest?

Though both contain only drawers yet they are different. A chest is generally narrower and taller. While a Bedroom Dresser is wider and always shorter. It is built in such a manner so that it can be teamed up with a hanging mirror and be used for dressing up.

Is a Bedroom Dresser only for storing clothes?

Obviously not! You can fill it with your cosmetics, laundry materials, accessories, toiletries, etc. You could even load it up with files and documents of your office and position it in the lobby or drawing room. Your kids can have their own dressers teeming with toys.

Of what material should a Bedroom Dresser be built of?

Like any other furniture, a bedroom dresser is too available in a wide assortment of materials ranging from timeless wood to metal and plastic. If you have kids at home, wean away from Bedroom Dressers made of metals or having sharp corners. If you have a penchant for flamboyance, select an intricately carved wooden one!

Which is better- Armoire, Bedroom chest or Bedroom Dresser?

The answer totally depends on your requirements. If you are devoid of any closet and need a space to keep clothes with a hanging unit, then go for an armoire. If you have plenty of closet space and just need a bit of extra storage space.

You need take a toss between a chest and a dresser. The final call depending on two criteria- available space and the particular multi-utility desired. If you have very less space or want a multi-purpose stand for your music system, then a chest is a preferable option.

Else if space is adequate or you intend to have a small drawer set combined with a hanging mirror then book your new Bedroom Dresser as soon as possible!

Is a Bedroom Dresser only for bedroom?

Definitely not! A versatile storage unit like a dresser can be used anywhere. It was originally designed to be used in a dining room to store crockery, china ware, serving dishes, plates, etc.

If you are an antique collector, you can find a piece that you may place near the dining table and wow your guests. However, most modern dressers are designed to elegantly store clothes.

But they can be used as stationery store in crafts or study room. It can be placed near the TV and music unit to store your favorite CDs, DVDs, etc. Use your imagination and revel in your creative usage pompously.

What should I keep in mind before buying a Bedroom Dresser?

Keep in mind that its size is in accordance with the space intended for it. Ensure its color matches your home décor. And do buy from a trustworthy shop. Check the piece well before paying up.
Go ahead and shop for your very own Bedroom Dresser cheerily!!!