Bedroom Furniture Guide

Bedroom Furniture Colors

Bedroom color scheme has a major impact on the mood of its occupants. As a bedroom happens to be one's personal retreat where he or she spends maximum time; so its features and attributes directly manipulate the psyche of its inhabitants!

The primary step towards setting up a perfect bedroom is choosing a color scheme. When we talk of color scheme, it includes the color of all components in a room. Starting from the shade of flooring, hues of wall and tones of accessories to the color of furniture!

While the color of rest all stuff is easy to discern; the color judgment of furniture is a critical element to play with. According to the doctrines of Feng Shui, ideally the color scheme in a bedroom should be a mix of 50% warm tones and 50% cool shades.

Each color represents a certain elemental vibration which impacts on our mood. As a room's walls, ceiling and flooring is done before bringing in furniture; so one should take the pains to bring in furniture that complements existing color scheme.  

Playing safe!!!

Choosing white bedroom furniture is a safe bet as it doesn't clash with any color or pattern and would not restrict you from any kind of offbeat or spontaneous decorations in the bedroom. It creates fine lines and sets a neutral and versatile palate as well as welcomes onrush of colors in other elements. White offers serenity and tranquility to the inmates.

Brown or wooden furniture is another steady color to fall back on. You may comfortably experiment on it with various wall color schemes.

Keep it mutual...

Two people generally share a bedroom! It is extremely important to choose a mutually appealing color so that conflicting choices do not turn the calm bedroom into a raging battle field. Decide on colors that are not too feminine or masculine. Walk the fine line in between. Neutral colored furniture make a good pick!

Flaw remedies...

If you find your room too cramped, then dark colored furniture would do no good to you. Prefer light colored furniture that shall give an illusion of brightening the room as well as make it appear less congested. Pine furniture would do the job well.
If you have a vast bedroom that may look disjointed, opt for dark wooden or black furniture to create a delusion of closing in and togetherness. However, beware dark colors are not at all relaxing.

Bring in elements of surprise...

Choose a bed with a headboard a shade darker than the wall color behind it or in a color contrasting the surroundings to create a striking look. You can select metallic hued furniture for a sleek contemporary look against smooth gray or lustrous cream walls. A contrast armchair in the extended area can create a classy ambiance.
Keep other accessories in sync too...

Once you have comfortably hand picked your choicest color furniture, get the matching beddings, rugs and carpets to create the total look of tranquility interspersed with sudden bright sparkly color touches and wrapped up with a note of sensuality!!!