Bedroom Furniture Guide

Bedroom Furniture Guide

Your private den always ranks high on your list of affections. Your personal space where you retire from the glaring lights of the world needs to be tastefully decked up with superbly functional furniture. Nothing is comparable to a peaceful night's sleep which you can enjoy in your own bedroom. Hence undoubtedly its furniture pieces need to be chosen with utmost care and precision to cater to all your bedroom activities.

Plan intricately!!!
One spends hours and hours of time on personal indulgence and individual reflections in the bedroom. It is very important to plan each piece of furniture inside it and then carve out the final masterpiece. All elements need to pass the quality standards individually to participate in the final symphony.

Making the start:
Begin with a set of basic questions like:
1) Whose bedroom is it- own or kid's or a guest's? Will it be shared or shall it be a single occupancy?
2) Purpose- only nap zone or an extended sitting space can be accommodated along with in-room storage?

Outline your expectations:
Delineate your demands from your furniture in terms of utility or multi-utility, longevity and efforts required for its upkeep. Who wouldn't prefer an amazing piece that requires minimum maintenance!

Coming down to the nitty-gritty!!!
A bedroom is a delicate combination of beds, mattresses, nightstands, dressers, chests, armoires and vanities.
At least a third of one's life is spent sleeping, unconscious and oblivious to the outside world. This fact asserts the importance of beds. Carefully choose yours! Ensure all bed frames fit snugly; pick your size whether twin/single, full/double, Queen or King. One can mix and match bed frames and mattresses. A new mattress is very important for long lasting usage and consistent healthy support and alignment for the body.
An individual's situational requirements can be met by a proper bed frame. People with back problems may pick up an adjustable bed frame while others who have a penchant for sitting up to read, talk or catch a program on TV should go for an angled head board with the frame. If space and budget constraints clip the wings of your fantasy, then a daybed or a futon that acts as daytime sofa and doubles up as nighttime bed would prove to be a boon. Trundle and bunk beds prove fun for kids and maximize space too. A canopy bed with a luscious fabric or a sleigh bed with its glamorous head and foot board would grab the eye balls of someone yearning for a classy style statement.

Mattress is a very vital member of the bedroom. Special attention should be paid to its size, shape, support, material and structure. Once your bed is set, you need to get your nightstand. The ultimate deciding factor for it is its height. Your alarm, cell-phone, glass of water, etc should be within easy roll over reach! Nest in tow you need dressers & chests. To choose the perfect ones keep your requirements in mind like amount of drawer space required and its utility (what you intend to store), overall size and available space in room, placement, etc.

Armoires are valuable add-ons to bedrooms. They are designed to store everything from jewelry to entertainment sets. Be careful to measure up the doors and entire structure's size for comfortable usage. It will be irritating if you find the gate getting stuck each time you rush to grab something from within it.
Lastly a word for elegant bedroom vanities that add a dash of feminine sparkle to the room and give a secluded area for personal grooming; they come in varied designs and styles with without stool, in an array of materials and textures.

To weave out the perfect bedroom furniture's tapestry, paint the hues and colors of the pieces in perfect complement to each other, prepare the measurements chart before hand and plan each area's utilization to the optimum. Step into your hand-made paradise and lose yourself into the comfort!!!!