Bedroom Furniture Guide

Bedroom Furniture Placement

Placing your bedroom furniture is a critical aspect as it dictates your future ease of access and movement; as well as overall comfort. Though gut feeling and common sense guides one through the endeavor, yet a few general rules and tips certainly keep one in good stead.

Bed in!!!

Bed is without a doubt the focal point of bedroom. Customarily it is kept against the center of the wall opposite to the main door of the room. In this display, the headboard garners the maximum attention when one enters the room. So an intricately beautiful headboard would do wonders to your bedroom's style statement. In case you have hindrances to this placement, then choose the wall long enough to accommodate the bed. Else go for a diagonal setting if there is enough space for the same.

A strict no-no:-

1) Avoid placing bed under a frequently open window as you would then be plagued by uncomfortable cold draughts and foreign particles akin to dust and creepy mites. However, a bed between two windows with sufficient distance in between is a good well ventilated and airy arrangement. If you swear by air conditioning than you could skip this tip.

2) Try not positioning bed in a manner that obstructs the door or passageway in the room.

It is good to try unconventional arrangements if it frees up space or uses the same in a surprising manner. Like a bed may look stunning when placed diagonally; sideways along a wall; in front of a barred window or in an alcove. Filling in walk-in closets with chest of drawers, not only organizes stuff inside large closets but also gives you more floor space in your bedroom that you can use constructively to put up a writing desk or sitting couch, etc.

Let the companions come in!!!

Include bedside tables or nightstands, as large as the space allows. They are your true companions if you are an avid book reader or TV watcher. Under normal circumstances they eagerly take up the clutter in your pockets every night.

Invest in a good carpet so that a  "pure and soft touch" caresses your feet every time you climb out of your bed or walk into your room. Make room for at least one chair to accompany you on a sick day or daytime resting. Incorporate balance between the big bed and rest small items in the bedroom. Placing a sofa or a dresser opposite to the room could help your tryst.

Dress up!!!

A dresser is a vital addition to your bedroom, not only does it stack in all your clothes neatly but it can even act as a stand or pedestal for your TV or music system.

Remember functionality...

Arrange your bedroom such that it favors your preferred activities and bed time hobbies. A book lover must ensure that the night stand has space for books and is equipped with a lovely night lamp. You could keep a book basket beneath your bed too. If you are a TV addict, then do place it opposite to your main bed and at a distance and level which is comfortable for viewing.

Add a dash of Feng...!!!!

A bedroom should be your zone of tranquility and peace. The Feng Shui philosophy highlights on creating space for unhindered energy flow. According to its principles smooth flow ushers in prosperity, luck and even romance for its inmates. Use furniture with rounded edges instead of square corners, make bedside tables symmetrical and keep your room clutter-free. The approach also recommends using soft fabrics and passionate colors like red and pink in matte tones to create a romantic and relaxing bedroom.

Plan before you jump!!!

Do not just start huffing and panting, pushing and heaving across the furniture. Grab a pen and paper, sketch out the bedroom and how you intend to place the furniture. Analyze the pros and cons and then get going. When you are done, small tweaks here and there are allowed to spruce up the complete look.

Happy living!!!!