Bedroom Furniture Guide

Bedroom Nightstands FAQ

Do you have to make a tough choice between switching off the bed lights early and reading your novel late in the night? Do you grope for your spectacles on the bed every time you get up in the morning? Do the contents of your pocket spill out each night and disturb your sleep. Then a nightstand could be your savior!!!

What is a Bedroom Nightstand?

A bedroom nightstand is a bedside table with a set of drawers. It is an important functionally efficient addition to a bedroom.

What material is a Bedroom Nightstand made of?

It is available made of various materials- wood, metal, microfiber glass, etc. Unless you are buying one in a set, you can flip through various options!!!

How do I use a Bedroom Nightstand?

A bedroom nightstand is the ideal place to place your loyal alarm clock or needy glass of water. A calendar and a phone would prove good members atop too. Its top drawer can be used to empty the contents of your pocket every night.

Book-lovers can use a nightstand specifically designed to store their favorites and classics. Late in the night, an immediate light source accessible on a quick flick would prove to be a valuable addition so keep a lamp on the nightstand for sure.

Medicines, lotions, tissues and other necessities can go in the drawers. Keys, an emergency phone book and other knick knacks are suitable candidates for nightstand drawers too.

How big should my Bedroom Nightstand be?

The size of a bedroom nightstand is directly proportional to the size of the room and height of the bed. But do measure before you treasure!!! Calculate the area and dimensions of the place where you intend to keep the nightstand. If you find it too less then look for alternatives to place your alarm or your glass of water.

Where do I keep my Bedroom Nightstand?

Obviously you should keep it beside the bed so that you can roll over and reach towards it. It is supposed to act as a stand for items that you may need the most in bed at odd hours but find it circuiting to get up and fetch it.

What points should I keep in mind before buying a Bedroom Nightstand?

Generally a nightstand bought along with a bed set would solve the hassles of matching up. But if you are a self made eclectic who would dare to include an alien piece to create a distinctive aura in your bedroom; then ensure that your foreign nightstand matches the height of your bed, color scheme and style of your arrangement. Even the materials should be complementary for instance dark wood should not be teamed up with fine lightwood.

Do I need a Bedroom Nightstand?

Well it is a necessary addition, but if your bedroom or beside the bed space doesn't permit then you have to omit the luxury- cum- necessity. However, if you complain of any of the problems of non-nightstand-syndrome like no place to keep your balm near the bed, difficulty in getting up to switch off the bedroom lights after completing a project on bed, etc then hurry and make space to accommodate a nightstand as soon as possible.

A nightstand is essential bedroom furniture which completes the functionality quotient of a bedroom.