Bedroom Furniture Guide

Bedroom Organizing Tips

Nothing relaxes one's soul more than retreating to one's exclusive private paradise. A bedroom is where one spends maximum hours indulging in a long slumber or catching up on the favorite novel. That is where you keep your personal belongings and prized possessions.

Now you certainly do not want soiled clothes blotting your picturesque haven. It would definitely get on your nerves if you had to empty the contents of your entire wardrobe for finding a matching sock.

How cumbersome it would be if a sudden call of thirst jerks you out of your fictitious world woven by your chosen author, and to worsen things you have to climb out of the comfy bed to grab a glass of water! "Bad temper" shall definitely rear its ugly head if after a long winding day when you finally crash on the pillow with droopy eyelids and realize that the light switch needs to be flicked off at the other end of the room!!! An unorganized or poorly set up bedroom snatches away the joys of comfortable living.

These are but signs to indicate that you need to organize your bedroom!!! Roll up your sleeves and eradicate the mess up in your refuge with these simple tips and tricks!!!

Place it right...

Everything should be wisely placed. A bed is the focal point. It needs to be placed first and rest should be arranged around it. Keep your bed with a wall behind the head. Avoid placing close to frequently opened windows. Keep your nightstands properly aligned with bed and close to the back wall so that things don't fall of from behind it.

Maximize storage behind the screens...

Always buy furniture that gives some kind of storage space. Get nightstands with drawers. Keep adequate number of chests, armoires and dressers. Use the space below the bed. Get tubs or bins in which you can keep stuffs like blankets, pillows etc, tag them with a sticker and push beneath the bed. Thus things get neatly placed away from sight.

Plastic bins on wheels make a great buy. If your bed frame is low, invest on risers. You may even utilize headboards and plan in built shelves on the wall behind the bed. Lofts are valuable additions too. You can stash your books or project materials that refer till late in the night, in a basket and shove under the bed.

Follow set theory!!!...

Arrange your closet and fix the position of each cluster of items ranging from lingerie to kerchiefs. Straighten the shoe pile and prefer a good shoe rack over shoe bags. Arrange all similar colored shoes for easy access and this manner of storage improves the life of your footwear.

Keep small items like lingerie, socks, ties, etc in narrow and shallow drawers. Buy jewelry boxes or velvet jewelry bags to safely store them. Allow the birds of a feather to flock together. Club same category items and stack them up together.


Keep just the bare essentials on a nightstand or bedside table. Do not clutter it. Use its top drawer to empty the contents of your pocket every night. Let it happily hold just the alarm clock and glass of water.

Get a laundry net bag or hamper wherein you can pile up your dirty or used clothes that need to be laundered. It will do the job and appeal to the eye at the same time. Try keeping the TV out of bedroom. But if at all you have it in your den, organize its troupe of CDs, DVDs, remotes, etc neatly and don't let them loiter around the place.

Renew the magic!!!

A one time organization won't prove to be permanent. You need to regularly revamp your bedroom so that the neat and tidy look persists.