Bedroom Furniture Guide

Bedroom Style

A bedroom style reflects the most personal taste of an individual. The bedroom decor expresses the inner paraphernalia of thoughts that swirl within its master's mind. That plush red quilt, those fluffy blue pillows, that rich mahogany dresser and the serene pastel hued walls; all reflect the sophistication of the individual.

The close to heart design calls for an engaging endeavor on the designer's part, the task of determining one's preferred styles is indeed a daunting task. A few major pointers that flag off the mission include:

1) Analyzing and introspecting to figure out one's own expectations.

2) Calculating the budget on hand

3) Assessing the available resources and possibilities of exploration.

4) Time and energy that can be spent on the upkeep!

It is very important to be sure of oneself and what one wants in one's own bedroom. For instance a workaholic or stressed person would prefer a style that has an overall calming and de-stressing effect over him every time he walks into his private retreat. A connoisseur would settle for a style that reminds of old world ethnicity or evokes admiration with its sheer grandeur. An uber classy person may choose a contemporary style with due stress on functionality.

The basic styles include contemporary/modern, traditional, transitional and country.

Contemporary is sleek, sophisticated with clean lines and streamlined designs. It uses uncomplicated furniture sets with major focus on simplicity and functionality. It is an apt choice for modern people who prefer hassle free arrangements in their hectic lifestyles. This decor requires low maintenance and minimal upkeep; something your trained labor can do without your regular supervision. It even goes easy on budget.

Traditional is exactly on the opposite bed of river compared to contemporary. Ostentatious and elaborate carvings, lavish decorations and intricate details define it. Woodwork and skilled craftsmanship are under full glare of the spotlight. Deep and rich wooden tones, oversized headboards, heavily carved bedposts, awe-inspiring dresser architectures, etc set the stage for a traditional look and feel. Gorgeous and splendid, but undoubtedly high upkeep!

Not suitable for people with fast paced lives. Ideal for ones who have ample time to dedicate into this luxurious and high maintenance style statement! A good choice for an opulent family or you can plan it as a makeover for you post your retirement. Definitely not a low cost affair to indulge in!

Transitional style calls for eclectic designers who would appreciate, revel and enjoy themselves in walking the fine line midway between traditional and modern tastes. Traditional hints of grandeur teams up with humbly sophisticated architectural forms. The promise of good of both worlds makes this style the most popular. You can always prefer it irrespective of your lifestyle provided you are ready to spare some time for its upkeep and enjoy its functionality at the same time. It has a flexible budget depending on the individual's mix and match proportion of classic and new gen attributes.

The last major style would be country!!! It has an earthy tone and rustic magic to it. Cottage feel and the spice of rural domesticity are its main USP. This is a style that suits a guest bedroom but not so preferred for master bedrooms unless you really love the strong note of distinction straight from the country side.

A bedroom style should be chosen purely on the basis of personal whims and fancies without the fear of approval from outsiders. So go ahead, take freedom and unleash the colors of your fertile imagination.