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Bellini Home and Gardens

Bellini manufacturers offer a furniture product range that anyone can dream of for relaxing. The company has been into the production of furniture pieces for the outdoors as well as indoors as well since two decades. Every time this brand comes up with some of the most innovative ideas that suit the choices of customers worldwide. Products offered by the company have the much desired Italian flair, utmost elegance, highest quality and comfort. It is the unique characteristics of this product range that makes it one of the most sought after brands in the furniture industry.  

The name Bellini comes from a drink made in Italy called Bellini made from a perfect combination of white peach puree and wine that is sparklingly white. Bellini was born at a very interesting situation. The company was named one day when in Venice, Italy at the Harry's Bar the Bellini drink was being consumed and this unique name was being thought of. The name was given instantly as it was felt the name was exquisite and unique. History about its name is well known by its trusted customers and the company team well. Customers desiring to purchase unique and exquisite furniture pieces can certainly consider Bellini furniture range

Popularity of their products is seen from the increasing demand they have been enjoying over a period of time. The specifications like sizes, dimensions, color range, styles, shapes and patterns of the furniture range is such that they can suit the home dcor or the office dcor of any customer or client. Prices are such that they suit the affordability of customers all over the world. The range of products is superbly great having aspects that are multi functional. Furniture items of different types are designed keeping in mind the needs of all their customers. It is easy to access the products as they are widely available all over the globe