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Bello Furnishings

Furniture for home theatre systems that is highly innovative is being provided by Bellow Furnishings. This is a world renowned furniture company which has been manufacturing the choicest furniture pieces for it customers all over the world. To any dcor, a touch of elegance can be added with their exclusive range of contemporary furniture pieces in modern, Italian and continental designs. The TV kits in wall mounting design are highly functional and attractive which comes in a complete line and their installation is not at all difficult. Kits for cleaning are also offered by Bellow Furnishings to ensure that both the furniture pieces and the television sets look their best at all times.  

This is truly, one of the most reliable brands that any furniture buyer can consider for their home theater. Throughout the world, products from Bellow Furnishings are widely available. Furniture designs are award winning and have made headlines since the year 2001 and continue to do so currently. In fact the brand is selected as the Product of the Year Award as it is a highly regarded product. With its innovative video and audio systems, the brand has topped the list for six years consecutively

In Las Vegas in Nevada, at the Consumer Electronics Show that is quite prominent, Bellow Furnishings every year holds the Innovations in Design & Engineering Showcase Award that is prestigiously presented to them. Into the year 2011, the tradition of maintaining excellence continues to be maintained by the company with the CW343 Vibrant Espresso Finish Audio Video Furniture's bent wood design that is truly unique and is this year's Custom Retailer's Excite Award recipient. A vibrant espresso finish is beautifully imparted in its features in classic design in striking architecture in bentwood. For components that are of high performance the open design in architecture helps in maximizing the ventilation of air. Unsightly cables and wires get well hidden by the well structured design of its furniture pieces for the home theater. Stylish and innovative designs have made this one of the most recognized brands.