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Blue Star Group

Since over two decades innovative furniture products for outdoors have been manufactured by the Blue Star Group. As far as the Brella Lights which are the company's flagship product and the umbrella lighting are concerned this is a pioneer who has been manufacturing genuinely original products. A number of activities can be extended beyond dusk as a range of high quality lighting arrangements are being offered by the Blue Star Group. Each time the company keeps coming up with new innovations. Now, the Brella Vase is one of the most sought after products.  

The umbrella pole can be fitted around the split flower vase. Once your centerpiece has been arranged, all you need is to place the umbrella pole and slide the two halves of the vase and lock them tight. The centerpiece can then be placed in the vase. This brand has become very popular in a period of few years with resorts and households all wanting a Brella Vase for themselves. No other company will be able to so uniquely produce a range of products that can catch or capture the interest of many of the customers. In fact the brand has generated interest in people living in apartments, townhouses and condominiums. The interest in Blue Star Group products has only been growing fast over the years.

Manufacturers of this brand have always been able to fulfill demands of all their customers all over the world. In fact they have been able to meet their set targets at all times. Millions of people all over the globe owning verandahs, balconies and decks that are smaller in size can enjoy a shady setting in patio that is provided by the company for the ultimate comfort of their customers. Latest product range introduced by the brand is the Terrace Mates and the Off The Wall Brella.