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Bolton Furniture

With the perfection in wood working skills that they gained from the 70's, when they used to produce wooden components for the musical instrument industry, in the 80's they started manufacturing for residences and dormitories, beds and bunk beds. A few years later they started producing furniture that could withstand rough everyday use. Within a few years they ventured into using hard maple to make furniture for children. From then till date their hard work and experience has gained them great reputation as manufacturers of hard wood furniture that is practical, solid and durable and especially most beautiful.  

Today Bolton furniture manufactures unique wall storage systems, lifestyle furniture, low loft systems and youth bedroom furniture. Their furniture is made of quality hardwood and has multifunctional aspects. Their designs for traditional and modern day home themes are exceptional, specifically for the kid's rooms, where you need high quality of wood which can last for long time. Their trained craftsmen specialize in making children's furniture. They utilize veneers and hardwood in manufacturing their products. They have been doing this from the time they have started manufacturing furniture.

Their predecessor started in the 70's manufacturing piano parts and today Bolton furniture is manufacturing modern and traditional furniture for homes furnishing. With a separate quality control department that verifies the quality of the product, they offer to their customers flawless furniture. Their overhead cost in production are controlled and this allows them to offer affordable deals in bedroom furniture, so as to compete with the best names in the in the furniture industry. They are committed to offer the best value possible for services and products that they provide. They are always in communication with their customers, welcoming their feedback to improve in quality, design and innovations when they introduce new designs to meet their client's needs.