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Boraam Industries

It was in the year 2001 that Boraam Industries was established. It has been in the manufacture of a range of exclusive products with the assistance of its professional designing team and its highly experienced craftsmen. As far as the sales team is concerned it is highly qualified and has been into the promotion of all its modern and sophisticated range of products. Since it has years of experience in the manufacture of all its products they guarantee the delivery of the order within a short time. It is from Illinois, Mundelein that its product range is distributed.
Boraam Industries also specializes in providing outsourcing services and services related to product development to many of the countries involved in the supply of wood and finished articles, like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. As far as downstream capacity of manufacturing of this company is concerned it ensures that all the sought after products are delivered in due time. Furniture of extremely high quality is being manufactured by this company right since the time of its inception. Many of the premier markets in America are included in the list of customers of this company. 

For Boraam Industries every customer is the same and hence it does not matter if the customer is big or small as quality services and products are delivered to all. All the customers of this brand are completely satisfied with the kind of flexibility offered which also includes the assembly program for its US domestic products. Right from the warehouses of the Boraam Company the products are either partially assembled or completely assembled for delivery. To assist customers with the control of inventory the company also offers a drop ship program as well. One of the best things about all their products is that they are all priced correctly and also styled well in a unique way.