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Boyd Specialty Sleep

Over 3 decades ago Dennis Boyd in Columbia, Missouri started a retail outlet to give birth to his belief that health is wealth and that could be only attained by a quality night's sleep. Today they are a group of 4 separate entities, offering bedroom furniture. The Boyd group is not only an importer but also a manufacturer of products which is made from high quality, sleep inducing material and offering health benefits such as air beds, waterbeds, memory form mattresses and latex and various other accessories. Their retail outlet is a bedroom store and has branches in other metro areas.  

Their furniture are specially crafted for modern homes, their water beds and air beds are uniquely designed and engineered properly to be used in hospitals and homes so as to give comfort to those who have to remain in bed for months at a stretch due to some sickness thus giving them the peace of mind of never suffering from bed sores. This quality and advance technology of theirs has earned them a place amongst the five hundred fastest growing private entities for a period of 5 years at a stretch. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company has earned them the American dream award.

To be the only company recognized as both retailers of the year as well as manufacturer of the year in the industry by the Specialty Sleep association is quite a feat for the Boyd group. Their team is well trained and qualified to retain the relationship with their customers over several years not only individual customers but a diverse group of customers which are into home shop networking, in hospitals and in big bed manufacturing industries to whom they supply more than one thousand unique mattresses and also to the distributors all over the world who are known because of the Boyd group.