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Brand New World

An affiliate of US, Worldwide Inc., Brand New World manufactures furniture for schools, play schools, and homes. They make soft and durable premium vinyl furniture. When you visit any class room whether play school or a high school, you will find a Brand new world product staring you in the eye. They have experts to guide them and design for them, furniture for premium quality, specifically for children in school where they can sit in comfort and be educated right from their early childhood. You will find small chairs, desk, black boards, functional toys and whatever that is necessary in a class room, including the teacher's chair and desk is provided by them.  

Their furniture provides the comforts of fine leather which is carefully upholstered over a sturdy hard wood frame and padded with dense foam. Their chairs and sofas are in traditional and modern designs made of hard wood that provide durability and quality which can be used in everyday life. The credit goes to their skill craftsmen who use their bare hands to give a quality finish to the furniture they craft with pride. They have every right to announce that their furniture will be a center of attention in any room where it is set!
As they cater to children, specifically those who are in school and most of the time at their furniture, they take precaution and follow safety measures laid down and as per the guidelines set by the SPSIA CA117 ASTM and the CPSC. They take care to see that there are no sharp edges on any chairs, desks, etc. which are used by the children to prevent injury. Their products are constructed with the highest quality of materials which are very affordable, durable and the children really have fun using them.