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Brooks Furniture

More than 50 years ago, Dr. J.H. Brooks founded Brooks Furniture. They built chests and wardrobes from solid cedar. Two years later, they upgraded their line of manufacturing wardrobes to producing bunk beds and bed room suites from various species of lumber. Ten years later their product lines expanded into the field of upholstery, manufacturing recliners, chairs, occasional and fully upholstered living room suites. Over a few years with further expansion in their operations, a lumber mill was established. Primarily producing oak lumber, the president of the company Michael Brooks then took the company to a new realm of recognition.  

In the late 90's, they came out with a new innovation of glider rockers which became their prime product with all their manufacturing units producing it. Since then the company has gained a lot of ground in the manufacturing of furniture with their plant spreading over 2000 sq. feet with warehousing and manufacturing units. The company has expanded their product line not only by manufacturing locally but also imports of dining room suites made from oak wood. They have several divisions of furniture. This is just one of them. Their collections are of contemporary styles, casual and traditional, and the wood species used are walnut, birch and oak.

From nearly a decade with their director of marketing Chris Brooks, they have further expanded their product line by adding through imports match and leather recliners which are all patented brands guaranteed to withstand years of use, ensure long lasting comfort with a coil spring seat unit made with top grain leather. As the company is a family owned business, in every department a great deal of personal touch and attention is involved with a reduction in overheads. Due to limitation in wastages, the company has been able to offer its product at very affordable prices with total attention on quality control and customer satisfaction.