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Build-A-Bear Workshop Home

Build-a-bear workshop welcomes you to choose from their vast collection of soft toys, which includes accessories popularly available too. You can make stuffed animals on your own. This is the only global company that offers you a wide range of animal stuffing from dogs and bunnies to teddy bears. They are specialized in teddy bears, and offer sizes which come in hundreds of outfits and other accessories to make your own teddy bear and gift it to someone you love. These personalized gifts can be enhanced by adding embroidery to them or a mechanical sound device in which you can record a message and create a warm and long lasting relation with the person to whom you gift it.  

The company has a mission to bring back to life the teddy bears of yore, to remind you about friendship and childhood, about comfort and trust. This type of a gift creates a bonding of love and affection, not only with the teddy bear you hug and go to bed to make you feel curdle, but it reminds you also of the person who has gifted it to you. A teddy bear is not only loved by children; by the adults and the aged too. It is believed to be the safest companion to put your arm around. Its fluffy skin will also keep you warm in the winter season.

The company has its own tailoring department that professionally prepares stitches, costumes with fabrics of high quality of different shades and colors, that can be washed without any fear of the color fading, as they are one piece costumes, they have high quality zips that can be easily hidden behind the fabrics so that the animals look natural and in one piece. They provide you with electronic devices which can bring out the roaring of the bear, barking of the dogs and various sounds of animals stuff. The best part is they don't take advantage of this monopoly and the price is very affordable.