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Butler Specialty Company

This company was founded during the great depression, which is considered to be the bleakest eras of American history. Since then it has been furnishing homes with accent and occasional lines of fine furniture. Not only then but also till date they have been providing their customer with skillfully crafted quality furniture. Over so many years there has never been an instance that they have stepped over the fashion trends in home furniture. Their designing and engineering capability has put them at a level where they can be considered as top class producers of fine furniture.  

They were committed then and the family owned company is committed today too, to offer quality and personalized accent and occasional furniture. Today it is based at Chicago and spreads its arms all over the globe, boasting of their source of production, whose efficiency can never be matched and the high quality of material that they utilize to design their world class products. They have been importing their products since over four decades. With their high quality product lines and traditional value to their products they have earned global fame with which they have progressed into the 21st century.

Their collections are considered to be of high class as Butler uses hand-carved craftsmanship and the finest quality of veneers and wood in its heritage collection. Their accent pieces are made from fossil stone and solid mahogany which is carefully selected and carved exquisitely to create enduring designs. All their collections are immaculately crafted and designed to perfection, the very reason the prices are on the higher side as they have exceptional value. Some of their well-known products which have captured the market are decorative tables, distinctive secretaries, hand painted consoles, bomb chests, game tables, these are just a few of their occasional furniture.