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Casual Decor by Kaven

If you are looking for outdoor decor, then you won't find anything better than the finest eco-friendly products of Casual Decor by Kaven. Over two and a half decades they have been providing retailers and consumers, casual dcor outdoor furniture made from sustainable and renewable resources for authenticity. To make you escape from the outside world and give you a feeling of relaxation they transform your backyard from a barren piece of land into a haven of comfort and elegance. They are always there to inspire you through their collections such as pottery, water features, bamboo accents, outdoor living accessories and functional options which are not expensive but of good quality.  

Having the experience stretching over 25 years, the brand is well known in the furniture industry. Since more than 20 years their excellent team of craftsman and dedicated designers have being manufacturing a stylish and unique line of furniture which can fit any terrace, garden, back yard or patio, Their quality product is not only charming but gives an elegant touch to your outdoors. Imagine yourself sitting in your landscaped garden on a piece of furniture that has been made with experience of crafting and designing that is two decades old; that will make you feel quite proud.

It is not only casual dcor that they do; but each and every item of theirs is quality controlled and handcrafted. The resin wicker which they use for their products are strong enough to withstand any weather condition. Each and every product of the company is branded and comes with the guarantee of reliability against any frame defect or UV damage. Their designs for traditional and modern outdoor themes consist of space saving furniture in a variety of colours. The service they offer to their clients is unmatchable and they take pride in having maintained this relation with their customers for such a long period.