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CBK is a creator and designer and a leader in the manufacturing of gifts, dcor and holiday products. Their innovative and expert designers have designs and decorations for homes throughout the year. They specially design outdoor chairs, stools and enhance the beauty of patios and gardens and pergolas that are used as points of interest to highlight certain areas. The holiday products that they manufacture are inspired by old and new traditions, specifically their gift articles which enhance relationships. Their products range in prices and are affordable to any income group. Thus if you wish to gift an item, just remember CBK.  

CBK is a proud manufacturer of kid friendly soft toys and the variety and designs they have in this product is matchless. These toys are designed with themes that match seasons and also cater for specific occasions. The material used by them is durable and eco-friendly, so that children are not affected. When you use their outdoor designer products, it creates an atmosphere of excellence and these products complement your other furniture giving them prominence. It not only redefines your living space but adds a touch of class. Their products do not occupy much space, thus it can redefine any corner in your home- indoors or out.

CBK is proud of their dedicated and responsible sales force that are always ready to offer their services to the clients and coordinate with the manufacturing department so as to keep pace with the changing trend, not only in the choice of the customers but also the retailers. Right from the inception they have focussed on artistic designs for their products offering their clients a wide range of formats and styles. They are proud to have a team of artists who are known nationwide and are qualified and licensed and have started from scratch making them renowned in North America.