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Cedar Delite

This company not only delivers sensational products but also offers extra ordinary reliability that is not even limited by imagination. Their client relationship is fully supported by the customer service and the quality of the products they provide. Their reputation in interior designing and furniture is maintained by the quality of their products. They are totally committed to their customer not only in providing services but also in offering a change of designs and styles with new innovations to make their clients be proud of what they own. The company has strived with years of hard work to come up to this level to earn their respect and credit in the furniture market.  

Cedar Delite as the name suggests manufacture products of all high quality items that their skilled craftsmen and designers make from red cedar which comes from Canada and British Columbia. This soft wood not only has excellent dimensional stability but also it is one of lightest woods. Thuja Pilcata which is its original name also has a low shrinkage factor. The wood that they use is of a premium quality that will last for decades and can be treated as an heirloom.

The high quality of wood that they use are much more superior to other woods as they have many positive properties such as grain, texture, density and colour by which they can beat any other wood. The red cedar is preferred over other wood pieces because it is extremely resistant to decay and insects. This is the very reason furniture made from this material is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. The best part about cedar is that the material can be renewed and reused as other resources. This is the very reason that the company has been stamped as an environment friendly production house which consumes minimum energy and emits the least carbon.