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Chelsea House Furniture

How would you like to redefine your living and work place? You would also like to add a touch of class and make your home and office look plush with ultra-modern range of excellent fittings and designs for all spaces. Wont you? What about the outdoors, your garden areas or if you have a patio? Benches, arm chairs, wing chairs, chaises, armless chaises are the specialties of Chelsea House furniture. Manufactured with the topmost quality material and design by professional designers and crafted with excellent craftsmanship they will turn your garden and the interiors of your home into a zone of comfort and relaxation.
Chelsea House Furniture has an inventory of different types of furniture with multifunctional features for homes and offices; their great range of furniture comes at very affordable prices. The company can furnish your home with space saving furniture with traditional and modern day home themes. Chairs being their specialty are available in different dimensions sizes and shapes they are specially crafted for the modern home. The company also customizes in their products according to the customers requirement. Their designers are regularly coming up with innovative designs and themes to meet the modern day trends.

The companys products are easily accessible all over the world, as the companys furniture mostly deals with chairs and chaises; it follows the principles of ergonomics. Comfort, quality and service are the 3 main goals. Offering comfort to their customers with products made from very high quality material along with excellent specifications and guidance on usage and maintenance of their products, they have built up very healthy and long term bondage with their customers. They offer free shipping charges to their customers overseas and their local customers are also provide with free delivery right to their doorsteps. Chelsea House Furniture has never compromised on quality and service for their products till date.