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Classic Flame

A division of Twin-Star International, Inc has built fire places and stoves which are vent free and can be used all year round in fire places. 20 years from the day of inception, they have been manufacturing furnishing products for home, using high quality material at very affordable prices. This company has brought a new touch to the fire places in various homes and hospitality centres with their all electric fire products. The heat that is generated in the room where it is installed is smoke free and the warmth can be regulated according to requirement.  

If you want to enjoy your life in leisure and in style do get your fire place, a vent free heater, that Classic Frame manufactures under strict quality control procedure. Each and every product of theirs is tested and complies with the CSA standard certificate number UL2021, which applies to fixed and located electric room heaters than C22.2 no. 46 that applies to electric air heaters. They have various skilfully crafted wood mantles which can be right for any bedroom or living room. That is also manufactured through a process of strict quality control of raw materials and it has to go through a procedure of quality testing in the process of construction till the product is finished and packed for delivery.

Classic Flame has been paying a lot of attention on research and the resource of the market to give absolute satisfaction to their customers. Their personal attention at every step and process of production guarantees that the product is genuine and will definitely last for years to come. Each of their products is properly packed to resist the perils of transport. A manual containing instructions and warranty accompanies the product in the casing, to ensure the consumer that they are always there and take full responsibilities of the functioning of the product.