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Classic Home

Classic Home has been in furniture business offering modern and traditional crafted furniture manufactured using unique resources procured from all over the world. They have being doing this for the past 25 years; they have devoted their hard work and craftsmanship to making durable furniture that can withstand everyday wear. With their huge warehouse in Bell, California, they distribute furniture all over the US and have created a name in the furniture industry. They not only supply to residential units but also to commercial houses. They have been leaders in the import of textiles and furniture for all these years.  

Their team of qualified marketing managers and purchase department are well- versed and experienced in procuring products from all over the world which are designed and crafted from the best resources. Some of their products include chairs, tables, dark wood buffets; they also engage in importing decorative accents with a wide range of the old types such as TV cabinets of the olden days. Their imported products, being from round the world, offer the clients a wide range of designs and styles that define the cultures of the countries from where they come. That is the very reason; the name of the company is Classic Home.

The company will decorate your house, with a vast variety of their furniture and decorative artefacts giving your home a traditional or a modern look. They are well known to blend old with new, big with small and small with big. Some of their products also help in the conservation of energy. They offer a wide collection of leather shaggy products, variety of rugs which are of exceptional quality and a collection of printed jute products. They have their warehouses sufficiently stocked to offer you prompt delivery of your orders within 24 hours. That is the pride of Classic Home.