Living Room Furniture Guide

Coffee Table Buying Guide

A coffee table is the magic wand that sets the atmosphere of the living room. The style, shape and size of your coffee table depend on two basic criteria: the current style and decor of the room, and the expected usage of your table within the chosen space. With energetic kids at home, one better pick up a robust and functional coffee table. Someone with frequent guests to entertain may need to prioritize appearance and functionality both.

A well chosen coffee table blends in perfectly with the living area setting imbibing the elements of strength and convenience.

The dimensions of the coffee table should be in sync with the size of living space. Get your measurements right before jumping in on the option. A standard coffee table height ranges typically between 16 to 18 inches.

For someone who entertains guests often may choose a slightly higher coffee table so that guests don't have to bend much for setting down their drinks. One guideline states that the height of the coffee table should be the same as the height of your sofa seat or about 1 to 2 inches lower. The perfect length of the coffee table should be at least two- thirds the length of the sofa.

The material of coffee tables should stand the test of adverse situations and bear the burden of everything from your heavy office files to kids' projects. A $20 particle board stuff covered in veneer may be a cheap option to pick up but it would crumble under the stress soon. Better budget choices like treated wicker, bamboo or reed are inexpensive and sturdy both.

They start at around $50. For maximum strength, ensure that the wood has been cut neatly along the lines and that the legs have been screwed together or glued in. the objective is to use the method of carpentry where individual pieces are cut in a way to assemble without external hardware. Such detailed observations into the construction of the coffee table guarantee rewarding experiences with the product post the buying stage.

Chalking out a list of the expected functionality of your coffee table would hold you in good stead. If your coffee table is going to hold a stack of your favorite books or provides a stand for your favorite decorative items, choose the material accordingly. Steer clear from fragile glass when it comes to heavy items. For those looking for a bit of storage, picking up coffee tables with shelves or drawers would be a nice option. Lift top coffee tables are good for stashing things out of sight.

The time that can be invested in the maintenance of coffee table also plays a crucial role in its selection. Glass is the easiest to clean.

Safety is a primary concern in many homes. Abstain from coffee tables with sharp corners if you have toddlers scampering around your place. One should care for the coffee table diligently. Coasters are a must when placing hot liquids. Despite its name, a coffee table is sensitive to dampness and may develop water rings.

If your expectation of functionality from a coffee table is antagonistic to the available space; then opt for ones with leaves that can be pulled out to place the TV remote or book. Guests would be delighted to place their plates on the surprise fold- out leaves too.

All gears in place; push the pedal and roar out on the road to buy your perfect coffee table.