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Cooper Classics

Three generations of the cooper family spread over 50 years, through their hard work, patience, skill and craftsmanship have been designing, manufacturing and marketing under the brand of Cooper Classics, sofa tables, wall clocks, floor and wall mirrors. Today they are leaders in this industry. In Virginia, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, they have built their warehousing and production units. Through these years, they have built a strong relationship with their customers and their dealers because their commitment has been to provide quality products at reasonable prices.  

They have retained and improved upon their extensive experience and background in manufacturing wood products. Their excellence in the design and production of solid wood furniture and mirror frames has gained them wide popularity. Apart from wood, they deal in producing composite clocks and mirror frames that are used for decorating the interiors and come in a very wide array of designs, sizes and colors. Their warehousing department is well equipped to stock goods that can be meet customer orders for over a month. The interior of their warehouse is climate controlled, so that the stock that is stored is not affected by any weather conditions.

They have a strong bond with their partner's factories in Asia. This adds to variety in their products and helps them to create and market not only in Asia but also in the US. Their unique style, accessories furniture and mirrors have found a huge market worldwide because of excellent quality and designs that the company has maintained all these years. Their commitment to their customers has always been reflected in innovations and no imitation or repetition of a design is ever produced. They have always provided products with outstanding quality and modern style and maintain a competitive price range. Cooper Classics do not limit themselves to wood: composite items in metal are also manufactured.