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Correll, Inc was established in 1969. For three decades, they, through their expertise in manufacturing furniture catered to various educational institutions providing furniture such as tables, chairs, benches, desk etc. They created a name among religious organizations providing tables and chairs for churches and chapels. Even Government offices and business houses, patronize their furniture; all this was due to their prompt service and genuine quality products that they manufactured with skill and expertise creating a name in institutional markets. Correll is still known for its product. Over these years the company has diversified into manufacturing modern day furniture with a touch of tradition in it.  

Since over a decade, Correll has widened its variety of high quality products and improved in skill and craftsmanship to meet the modern day requirements by producing multipurpose tables, activity tables, folding chairs and a variety and a large selection of various other tables to fit into any home or business house. All their products are stamped with a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years. This is the true stamp of the quality of material and the hard work they put into their production unit to provide their customers the best quality and service.

It is very important for their team not only in the production department but in their service and maintenance department to strengthen customer relationship and that is what they are devoting more time to these days. The quality and durability of their products cannot be questioned so to expand their market they are building a team to diversify their markets by going international. This is an advantage to their customers because they are sure to come out with new varieties and designs of products that they manufactured 30 years ago, giving it the modern touch to last forever.