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Creative Images

Creative images are a leading wholesaler for home dcor since the late 80's. They are committed to offering the best value possible for services and products that they provide. They are always in communication with their customers, welcoming their feedback to improve in quality, design and innovations. Their main aim is to create exceptional value for their customers, by offering them products that are not only selected wisely but intelligently to make the clients feel that they are getting their money's worth with professional and prompt service thrown in for free.  

They are always readily equipped with a wide range of home furniture such as Queen sized beds; king sized beds and beds for children in various designs. The raw material for their furniture is mostly hardwood as it has durability and repels termite, mould and mildew. They are into accessories for bedrooms that will match the interior of your bedroom to give you a wide range of selection for making a practical atmosphere in the room of your privacy. Wardrobes, side tables, even carpets to match your furniture of best durable material is provided by to give a complete package for your bedroom.

The marketing department are professionals who procure the best of furniture from the wholesaler at very competitive rate plus each product is guaranteed by them, not only for manufacturing defects but whatever products arrive at their warehouse is physically checked for any visible defects. They have a friendly sales force that will always readily offer you proper guidance on usage and maintenance of the product. Since all these years, they have done their best to be a step ahead in selecting the best models and designs of all home furnishing that will keep their customers proud of what they own and feel secure that they have always got more than what they have wisely invested.