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A bathroom is the most private area of your home. Mostly homes have more than one bathroom, depending upon how big the home is. This is the area that has to be kept hygienic and very clean. The interior of your bathroom should be well equipped and brightly lit. Decolav is a furniture company that specializes in bathroom vanities, lav console, mirrors and medicine cabinets made from wood based tempered glass, sinks made from ceramic and granite and other bathroom furniture. The company has been in this field since many years, creating new designs and themes with a team of excellent designers and engineers.
The company is equipped with a team of professionals with a huge work place, where it has been designing and constructing bathroom accessories and furniture not only for homes but also for offices and the hospitality industries. There furniture is of different dimensions, sizes and shapes, specially designed to meet the modern trend. The company believes in customization to the requirements of the customers, to enable them to give their customers products according to their choice. They also take up contract jobs for the hospitality industry and big homes for which they offer package deals at special discounts.

 When you place your order with the company, the company immediately gets into action with their professional team to design and manufacture the furnishing according to your requirements. Mostly the company stocks inventory of all the regular items, but if any alterations have to be done, then the company may take a day of two to deliver the product. Each product of theirs comes with a guarantee of one year. They believe in insuring the purchases of their customers against any damage in transit or shipping, till it reaches the customers destination. The company also offers free shipping and exemption from sales tax.