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Design Kollection

Design Kollection is a furniture company that specializes in outdoor furniture for patios, gardens, gazebo, terraces, balconies etc. Their products are accessible from all over the world and they also undertake projects for hospitality industry for total outdoor furnishing and decoration. The company has a huge team of qualified designers, craftsmen and engineers who are experienced in designing and crafting all types of outdoor furniture. It has been in this industry since decades and has the capacity to redefine any outdoor area, whether it is a club or hotel or restaurant or a home.
Though the company caters to the whole world, its furniture comes in a very affordable range and with modern and traditional designs customizing to the consumers need and preferences. Their outdoor home furnishing department is a separate entity from their hospitality department which undertakes huge projects for hotels and other institutions. They have space saving furniture of different colors, shapes, sizes and range in different dimensions and the company offers very good guidance on usage and maintenance of the same. Their team of engineers and designers are always doing research on new graphics and designs that will match the latest designs in the construction industry.

 It is not only on modern and traditional styles that the company designs their furniture, but in the modern world they are more into contemporary and transitional styles of furniture which are more functional, light in weight, durable, strong enough to withstand all weather conditions and can be dismantled easily. The company has a separate department that offers consumer services and attends to their complaints 24 x 7. The company also guarantees swift delivery and completion of project on time as they know that time is of value. For all their home furnishing clients and those who are internationally located, they deliver the goods within the specified time free of shipping charges and a guarantee of one year for any manufacturing defects.