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DG Casa

This house of furniture is always on the move to procure the best furniture from the world over, not to earn undue profit but to provide quality and durable goods to their patronize customers. Since years they have taken pains and their team has devoted constructive time in organizing and selecting furniture and fixtures and other home accessories that can decorate any home, whether small or huge turning it into a palace. They have two brains, one concentrates on the interior and the other on the exterior, both the teams are well educated in the technique of craftsmanship, carpentry and designing.  

The young-blood who handles their marketing and publicity are always on their toes, being in contact directly with the consumer world, blending with their thought and advising the management on what exactly the customer wants. They do not only collect statistical data or use any mathematics, what they use is real logic and philosophy understanding each individuals mind, likes and dislikes and their economic standard. That is the very reason you will find them offering products in a wide range of prices that can fit any purse. Thus when a customer decides to purchase any furniture the first name that clicks in his mind is DG Casa. Many of their esteemed clients call it HOME.

They have stocking facilities and the capacity to procure any order within 24 hours. They select, as mentioned, products that are specially designed and crafted to meet the present demand in the furniture market. They have a team of assemblers who can assemble furniture to fit any space in the home, thereby giving the home owner more space to increase his furniture stock. They have printed catalogues and guidelines on usage and maintenance on whatever product the customers buy. All their products from the accessories to the finished products are guaranteed with the manufacturers guarantee and the Casas guarantee.