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Diamond Sofa

Since 20 years, Diamond sofa has been in the distribution and manufacturing of sofas of contemporary design that will suit any urban home. They are not only into selling furniture, but they promote and support consumers lifestyle and changing demands in the market. They have kept this pace with the modern market, always innovating new designs and products to keep up with the consumers requirement not only in the US but around the world. Their wide range of sofas made from black leather and other durable material has found a huge market around the globe. Their skilled craftsmen and designers have added a touch of genuineness to every new design that has reached the consumers house hold or business premises.  

Their manufacturing department and marketing department coordinate with each other sifting through all the feedback they get from their professional sales personal that are directly in contact with the customers. This is the very reason every new product or design that comes from their plant is accepted worldwide. They have a 100% commitment to their consumers as far as the quality, durability and the design of their product is concerned. They are always competent and efficient not only in meeting the consumers demand but also in delivering the product right on time without any delay or breakage in transit.
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They offer a wide range of modular collection, black leather sofa sets which is supposed to be their hallmark product sold in every household as their heirloom. Their qualified designers are always ready with fresh ideas and solutions to meet any imagination or desire of a consumer. They are always thinking ahead of their time having kept relations with clients, the world over, they have understood what exactly a normal consumer will desire to have. This is where they put all their effort in manufacturing their product which has helped them build a brand for themselves and a lifetime of merchandize for their clients.