Dining Room Furniture Guide

Dining Furniture for Dining Room

A dining room is the most social section of the house. It is where guests intermingle with host family members. It even acts as an interaction room for the entire room. The furniture for dining room should promote ease of movement and flow of conversation.

Meal times should be happy times for one and all. The style and decor of the furniture should be inviting to the entire group. Adhering to a few intelligent guidelines will help you select the apposite furniture for your vibrant dining room.

Dining tables

Dining table should be selected post measurement of the dining room. Enough space should be kept to allow free movement. One should be able to walk around and pull chairs without a hitch. A round or oval table is apt for small or narrow rooms. While a rectangular room covers the floor area of a large room adequately.

A dining table that reflects the theme of the house and is in sync with the decor of the house is preferable. Regular upkeep of the table is advisable to maintain the looks. Wood dining tables require polishing while glass dining tables need to be cleaned with a cloth that doesn't leave lint as fingerprints show up quickly on it.

Dining chairs    

Generally dining chairs are bought in a set with the table. If buying separately then make sure the sizes and color match with the table. Upholstered chairs with proper spine supporting curvature are good to use for informal dinners that imply long conversations. Keep in mind the height and weight of family members before investing on chairs. Feeble chairs won't support heavy people just like low back chairs will be hard to adjust for tall people.

Accessorize duly!!!

Having buffets and sideboards nearby to store dining ware in an attractive manner is a good practice. Not only does it keeps the requisite stuff nearby but also proves to be eye catching. A cellaret is another glamour addition to the decor where you can keep your guests entertained with cocktails and mock tails. The linen and table accessories can be stored in the sideboard.

An artistic sideboard adds a posh air of its own and lends elegance to the setup. China cabinets and wine racks cater to aesthetic senses and functionality both. I personally find that the completeness of the entire dining room reflects stunningly after you line up the storage cabinets and display units along with the seating hub.

The non-furniture add-ons!!!

The glory of your unique Scandinavian dining table with its regal chairs; Victorian sideboard and Italian cellaret would be incomplete if you do not accentuate the artistry with proper lighting. Central light fixture atop the dining table in the form of an ornate chandelier or likes is a must. It is very important to see what you eat! There should be adequate places to light candles etc for a candle lit dinner.

Color code is the next important thing. To land up with a harmonious combination, soothing colors that stimulate appetite should be painted over the walls of the dining room. A warm rug is akin to a cherry atop the sundae. It enhances the comfort feel and muffles sounds too.

One last word...

The best possible furniture should be picked after thorough study and assessment of architectural elements of the house and the budget in hand. Dreaming castles in the air is baseless. Know your limits and build your ostentatious fortress.