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Directions East

They operate on one man show basis. They do not believe in any agents or retailers to reach their consumers. They not only provide service to their manufacturers but also to their consumers as they are in direct link with the manufacturer, they provide all the information about a wide range of furniture for home and offices that are available from the world over. This is the advantage which a consumer requires not only as far as the price of the product is concerned but true information about the manufacturer of the product.  

When there is a direct link between the provider and the manufacturer, the consumer does not have to go through channels of distribution and wait for any grievance to be solved. The company provides the consumers with a vast variety of catalogue to choose their products from and make a wise decision. Everything in detail is mentioned in the catalogue. Once the decision of the product is made the companys representative visits the customer and provides him with all details about the product and the manufacturer so that he knows what he is buying and from whom. Direction east is more dedicated and committed to its client, as they are its source of keeping its reputation with its manufacturers.

They not only provide you with their services but a huge percentage of saving by getting you your furniture requirement to your doorstep right from the manufacturing. They save you the trouble of going through retail showrooms and stores to choose your product. You just have to place your order and the manufacturer takes the responsibility of shipping the product that will directly reach your door step without having to go through the hassles of any documentation. They promise swift delivery as they own over three hundred ware houses all over the nation and allow you to purchase your goods safely by just sitting at home and placing your order.