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Dixie Seating Company

Since nearly a hundred years the company has been in the business of manufacturing childrens furniture, stools, rockers and ladder back chairs of solid hard wood. In these 10 decades, they have developed into a strong and stable company providing classic black Dixie rocking chair. This product will not only spice your interior but will offer a perfect touch to your outdoor garden or patio. As builders of rocking chairs and specializing in this product, they have used fine craftsmanship in manufacturing the Dixie outdoor black spindle rockers. This black finish rocker is specially designed to protect itself from any elements of nature and the finishing is done with a modern touch that adds style to its surroundings.  

Their products are not only suitable for indoors but also outdoors. You may utilize this rocker to spend pleasant hours on your patio to take a nap in the afternoon or spend the evening rocking yourself and enjoying the fresh air in your garden. It will give elegance to your living room as it is a timeless piece crafted from durable ash wood. The quality of material offered by the company is trust worthy without any doubt.

The company further offers you for its premium product-an exclusive rocking chair seat pad which you can place on any of its rockers and feel more comfortable while rocking. The best part of this product is that it comes separately and can be easily assembled at home. The company suggests that before permanently assembling it, you need to assemble it in the position which will offer you the most comfort and then you can glue all the pieces in that position. The package includes all the hardware, that is required to assemble the rocker and you are assured that it will not take you more than 30 minutes to assemble the piece.