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Domus Ventures

Domus Ventures is an in house manufacturer of outdoor and patio furniture and also indoor furniture. It has employed qualified and experienced designers, craftsmen and engineers to design and manufacture with the latest technology, a wide range of outdoor and indoor furniture, today the company boasts of being rated as one of the best global providers of outdoor furniture. The company has a vast area of a manufacturing unit along with a warehouse from where all its products are shipped throughout the world. The company also has a strong marketing team that has succeeded in capturing a hue part of the global market of outdoor and patio furniture.
Domus Ventures follows the principle of ergonomics and utilizes high quality material in manufacturing all its products. The company keeps track of all the latest innovations and designs that enter the market and their teams of professionals using modern technology are always a step ahead of its competitors. They procure raw materials from all over the world in bulk which helps them in reducing their cost of production and as the company does not involve any commission agent to sell their products, they are able to reduce overheads. This helps the company to offer very affordable rates to all their products.

The company till date has never compromised on quality and service, for this very purpose it has a special team of executives who are responsible for the welfare and best services provided to their customers. They offer good guidance for usage and maintenance of their products. They have a separate packaging department that handles only shipping and delivering of order that they receive from all over the world. Further the company offers free shipping and insurance of all their products that are shipped to their clients. Till date the company boasts of not receiving even one product returned by a customer, for any defect of manufacturing.