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A company that came into being less than 2 decades ago, with not more than 3 employees is today a leading national wholesaler of European style furniture, catering to more than thousands of customers and a beneficial holder of exclusive distribution right from various manufacturers spread over Europe. With their warehouse at Staten Island having the capacity to stock a huge amount of inventory, they have the ability to ensure reliable and fast distribution to all their consumers and customers. They are proud to have the best furniture manufacturers from the world over as their partners who help them provide to their customers a selection of a wide range of furniture for various purposes and at a very competitive price range.  

The company boasts of guaranteeing products that will meet the requirement of any customers need. They have committed themselves to offer not only quality but improvement and continuous innovation in the line of products and whatever services that is required to maintain a healthy customer relationship. They have employed a professional team to meticulously check the product at every stage regarding quality and condition to make each and every product a perfect piece. Along with this they guarantee replacement of any defective part for any repairs that are required, free of cost during the guarantee period.
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The company dedicates its success to their customers who have patronized their products for years. They have a special customer service department that attend to all customer queries and are trained to supply ready information to them. The inventory control is computerized, thus if any order is placed it is readily attended to and the product is procured directly from their warehouse and delivered to the clients as per their requirement. Their delivery system is very efficient offering transport facilities and shipping of goods directly to the customers doorstep.