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Eastern Classics

Eastern Classics is a furniture company that supplies wooden furniture and home decor. The company is equipped with an excellent team of craftsmen and designers, who are experienced and qualified in designing home and office furniture. Some of their specialties are wood vanity cabinets, kiri wood night stand, shoe chests and home decor accessories such as lanterns, candle stands and many more. Their products range in a vast variety of colors, sizes and shapes that are specially crafted for the homes. They try to customize as far as possible to meet the requirements and needs of the customers.
They leave no pains in designing and crafting their home decor accessories which range in various designs and styles, that they can complement any other home furniture in any room they are placed. Nowadays people prefer to use just sufficient furniture that is necessary and the rest of the space they decorate with home decor accessories. These are the products that have innumerable choices. All their products are accessible all over the world. The company prefers to utilized eco friendly raw materials in the manufacturing of all their products and their designers are capable of redefining your living space with a touch of class and give it an ultra modern and plush look.

The company warehouses has inventory that can meet the demand for at least one month at a stretch. All their products are packaged with eco friendly material and delivered right to the doorsteps of the customers. Their kiri wood night stands are very famous and are not only supplied to home owners but also to a wide range of hotels and institutions in the hospitality industry. Every order of theirs is thoroughly checked and then packed along with the manufacturers warranty card for one year, to reach the consumers doorsteps without an delay and also provides free shipping.