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Eco Displayware

Eco Displayware is a company that has been in furniture and furniture dcor accessory business for home and commercial use. The company employs a team of very well experienced craftsmen and designers, who design and craft space saving furniture of a vast range with a very high quality material. The companys products are accessible all over the world. They also provide very good guidance on usage and maintenance of all their products. The company prefers to customize to meet the customers requirement and needs as far as possible. Their theme of designers and engineers are capable of redefining your indoor area in a plush and ultra modern area.
Eco Displayware specializes in indoor home furniture which is made from very high quality material. The other specialty is the contemporary wooden bed. They provide a vast variety of hooker furniture, French mirror chest to the hotels and restaurants, that are on the riverside that are open air, the company specializes in providing them with pub tables, coffee tables, and other outdoor furniture. The outdoor furniture is made from material that is weather friendly and guarantees durability. The team of engineers and designers are always in maintaining new designs and styles to keep a step ahead in the competition.

The company has equipped itself with a large warehouse for its inventory purposes and maintains modern technology to control the logistic department. The company has never compromise on quality and service and always kept pace with the changes that have been taking place in the general trend of furniture demand. Apart from offering their product at very affordable price, the company offers prompt delivery to their customer free of shipping charges and an exemption of sales tax. The company has a variety of specific deigns of pub and coffee table that has been their specialty and is selling like hot cakes to the hospitality industry.