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EHO Studios

Furniture companies that can survive in today are market and create a name for its self is the one that puts its customers on top priority. EHO Studios is one such company that is equipped with a team of qualified professional and experienced craftsmen and designers. The company always uses high quality material with skillful engineering in designing and styling their products, to deliver designed quality products to their customers to make them feel that they deserve them. This is the very reason the company customizes to meet the customers requirement and needs and provides them with excellent specifications, guidance for usage and maintenance of all their products.
The company specializes in modern home furniture. They also design and manufacture a large variety of contemporary living room furniture and studio furniture. Their ultra modern uniquely style sofas, tables and bar stools are world famous. The skeleton of the sofa is made from solid oak and the upholstery is of very high quality leather. In some of their furniture they use steel bases which do not rust and is of high quality. Some other items of theirs are patio chairs, coffee tables and sofa beds.

 EHO studios assure that each and every product of theirs has gone through stock quality control and is made from authentic genuine high quality furniture. It also guarantees each and every of its product with a warranty of a period for one year against any manufacturing defect. The company tries to maintain its entire product in an affordable price range and also provides free shipping, to all its customers and does not charge any sales tax. The company is equipped with a special team, who is very alert and will personally attend to all your enquiries and offer you whatever services they can to see to it that you are total satisfied and confirmed that you have made a wise investment.