Living Room Furniture Guide

End Table to Buy

Gone are the days when people picked up straight sets of furniture without speculating too much. Down the time line, eclectics took over with their varied senses and brought in radical elements in living room designing. The importance of end tables dawned soon on one and all alike. The center table was not the only alluring piece teamed up with your sofa; there were other tasteful pieces too to challenge that attention!

Extremely versatile furniture pieces like end table could be moved across places in different rooms of the home. However, generally an end table was likely to be spotted beside the sofas or beds. Choosing the perfect end table would be a smooth drive of one manages to keep certain expert guidelines in clear sight.

Shape your way...

Before stepping into the neighborhood quaint furniture shop, decide on the place for your end table. There are a host of mind boggling shapes of end tables to baffle you. So prepare and dive into the pool. A corner end table would preferably be square shaped. While in absence of such restrictions, you can toy around with diverse shapes.

A striking effect of contrasts can be achieved by playing with the various shapes on block. An oval or circular center table may be matched by a square or rectangular end table for that naughty play of shapes! Similarly a coffee table with straight lines in its design would be well complemented by an end table with curves and flowing lines of architecture.

Just in case you are more comfortable with same shapes all around you; experiment with different materials and textures.

It's a Materialistic world!!!

The underlying principle of mix, match and shriek rapturously at the outcome!!! The aura of beauty can overwhelm all your visitors if you place a marble or brass coffee table accentuated by wooden end tables. Ensure you keep the styles in line with each other and let the materials dance their way in and out of your home; tickling you with their variety, amusing you with their colors and teasing you with their textures.

Stylize right...

Variety is the spice of life. Step out of the cocoon of restrictions and free yourself from the shackles that bind you to just one style statement. Breathe free in fresh air and freely experiment on the galore style options in the market. Spice up your traditional style with boosting influences from contemporary genres. Play up and down with modern functional elements of your end table in abandon.

There is no hard and fast rule that all end tables should match; maintain an underlying basic similarity in style and then boldly experiment with each end table detailing as if it had an individuality of its own.

Size up the task...

End tables should ideally match the height and depth of the sofas or chairs beside which they are placed. The placing and picking up of items on and from the end tables should be a smooth process without having to leap or crane neck or stretch arms. Let the exercise be restricted to gym and not make its way to your living or bedroom.

Ideally in the role as a bedside table; an end table should be just as high as the mattress or a bit lower; never higher! 24" is about as big as you would want to go. Anything deeper can make it a bit difficult to get in and out of bed.

End tables do not define the end of your creativity and innovation; rather they are an easy scope to explore and come up with masterpiece arrangements to heighten the overall aesthetic decor of your home. Begin at the end!