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ERA Products

The ERA iLock introduced by ERA Products is an innovative product which allows access to your home without any key or in a keyless manner. With this kind of a keyless lock there is no fear of losing a key! All that needs to be used is a pin code that is truly unique with a fingerprint detector. It fits different kinds of doors very easily. To unlock or lock the door a digital system with an access pin code is used. When you have this kind of a locking system you can rest with peace of mind. Advanced system for locking doors digitally is used for securing almost any kind of property.

This ERA Products furniture company is located in Willenhall, in the West Midlands, and is manufacturing products for fifteen decades. Lots of research and development is done to ensure that the best of keyless solutions are produced. Highly skilled professionals and designers are involved in the manufacture of the systems. After sales services are also offered to customers so you can feel rest assured of your purchase. The company is well known for its expertise that is unique in developing solutions that are truly innovative. They ensure that demands and expectations of every customer are met well.