Eric Pfeiffer

His clean, simple and functional products earned wide acclaim and distribution rights for Offi, a famous furniture company. All his products have been published not only in national publications but also in numerous international publications. His designed products under the brand name Offi are being sold in over 350 of the finest stores throughout Europe, Japan and the US. Eric continues to pen his skill and talent for the new generation, sharing his designing skills with them. He is working on his latest book about modern family, home and design. 

His lab is doing wonders. Eric is a designer who has his skills and arts totally invested into designing and creating a work space that offers comfort. His designs occupy minimum space and bring out the efficiency of the person utilizing it for work. He has not left out neatness, coordination, beauty and perfectness in his modern office desk. This price of furniture promises durability and convenience to those who love to work and get involved in it. Eric Pfeiffer has a reductive approach in creating and designing his products. He makes more emphasis on material quality, his honest nature and beauty while designing his products. Eric has created timeless object and all his products are distributed all over the world. His casual west coast sensibility has made him venture into new designs and styles. These designs will be more practical and helpful to the living styles of today.