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Situated in Staten Island, New York, this furniture has come a far long way since its establishment. Started in 1995 with just three employees, ESF grew to be a leading national furniture wholesaler. One can always find probably the largest and finest collections of furniture and assorted accessories in ESF. There need not be any worries about the price and services ESF has to offer. Their aim has always been to innovate and improve their products, without compromising on their quality. They have always believed in building profitable long term relationships and healthy ones with their customers too. 

ESF has till today put in all their efforts and emerged as one of the leading European manufacturing networks and enjoys exclusive distribution rights from other leading European manufacturing companies like Camel, Dupen, and Benicarlo and so on.  today it caters it products and service to nearly thousands of customers, and there feedback has always been commendable and talked about. They have established their partnership with very good furniture manufacturing company, other than the ones mentioned above, so as to provide their customers with a wide and thoughtful selection across varied products and affordable price ranges.
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Also, the exclusive service offered by ESF is that in case of any difficulty or complaints or unhappiness among the customers regarding their product, they offer replacement parts and they would also be willing to get involved in repairing service in some cases. They have very less complex rules and regulations which makes it easy for customers to lay their hands on any product they want, without bothering about the whole page of formalities they are expected to fulfill. We offer store drop offs and home deliveries and also provide help in finding trucking companies to ship outside New York. Thus, ESF proves to be one of the most reliable furniture companies which anyone can depend on, especially when they need to choose from a large collection of furniture because their goal has always been delivering their customers with the right choice which they prefer and the reasonable price which could get a smile on their faces, and without a doubt, ESF has lived up to it.