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Evergreen Enterprises

For manufacturing different products the furniture company Evergreen Enterprises has got itself partnered with many different companies. As far as working of different categories is concerned the company has as a team that does all its marketing work for it. This is done to ensure product promotion and encourage greater sales. It was on September 30, 2007 that this company was established. Its main business is to market and sell products of other companies. Within the company, the Board of Directors are the final authorities for all internal matters. As far as the day to day management of the company is concerned, it is the General Manager who is held responsible.

The company Evergreen Enterprises has a number of well-established departments like the Information and Technology department, sales department, marketing department, administration and accounting department. Efforts are put in to always meet the demand and satisfaction of all its customers located all over the globe. With the kind of sales experienced in the recent past customers are seen coming back for more and more. Master craftsmen design some of the world class furniture pieces in different designs, styles, patterns, dimensions as well as prices to suit the needs of every customer worldwide.